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    RaceAmerica Corporation is located in Santa Clara,CA, the heart of the Silicon Valley. Founded in 1991, this privately held corporation brings innovative solutions to the automotive, industrial and commercial marketplaces. From the first timing system in 1991, a computer based lap counter based upon an Apple II computer to the world's only state of the art fully wireless drag timing system, the XL Wireless released in late 2007, RaceAmerica Corporation has been recognized for the innovation, reliability, accuracy, speed, and flexibility, to match their customer's needs. 

    Today, RaceAmerica designs and manufactures a complete line of Track Safety Systems, Wireless Drag Timing systems, LED Scoreboards, and WiFi and internet based apps to add mobile control to their products. RaceAmerica designs solutions for Drag Racing, Race Tracks, Road Courses, Autocross, Snowmobile, Mud Bogs, Soap Box Derbys, ATV racing, Dirt Tracks, and custom designed Timers for commercial and industrial application.

    With the introduction of the newest products, Digital Safety Flags, RaceAmerica combines the advanced technology from their Track Safety Lights with wireless and IP network communications to produce a fully integrated and innovative product at a very competitive price.

    RaceAmerica products offer a perfect balance of both standard and RaceAmerica exclusive features. The products are supported with industry leading customer and technical support, to ensure our Customers flawless, trouble free racing.

    During the past two years, RaceAmerica has enhanced the technical design of their hardware products resulting in increased dependability and performance.

    Reliability testing has always measured at near zero hardware failures during the standard 90-day product warranty period. With the new product enhancements, reliability testing has been extended and is now measuring near zero failures during the first full year of product operation.

    The increase in product performance has fueled a change to RaceAmerica’s Standard Product Warranty. Starting October 1, 2020, the Standard 90-Day Product Warranty has been enhanced to a Standard 1-Year Hardware Product Warranty period. The extension of the product warranty applies to all RaceAmerica designed and manufactured products purchased direct from RaceAmerica or an authorized RaceAmerica dealer and reseller.

     We believe in our products and the increased reliability, near zero hardware failures, and enhanced design resulting in lower support costs. We are passing this cost savings on to our customers by extending our product warranty..  

    All RaceAmerica parts and systems are manufactured and assembled in the USA.

    Timing Systems and Track Safety Systems manufactured today are RaceAmerica designs, microprocessor based with a focus on offering a full feature set to the buyer, ease of use and setup, and affordable pricing through cost effective designs. Each product is designed to capitalize on the latest components and technology for improved reliability and efficiency of design.

    The infrared technology used for vehicle detection was developed by RaceAmerica back in 1991 working closely with well known component manufacturers and their R&D labs. The infrared technology used with our timers has been significantly enhanced since the original design in 1991 with a thousand units installed in timing applications from slot cars to full size vehicles and a wide variety of custom industrial and commercial applications in medium to large size companies.

    Looking for a permanent scoreboard for your race track? Low power requirements, highly viewable in sunlight, interfaces to your existing transponder software? Something the track can assemble and replace an existing scoreboard?

     RaceAmerica manufactures ultrabright LED scoreboards in a variety of shapes and sizes to display race results manually or real time direct from your transponder software.

    Key Features include:

    • Interface to MyLaps Orbits and Westhold Race Manager transponder software.
    • Ships in smaller sections for assembly by the track without a crane.
    • Low power consumption utilizing the latest technology ultrabright red LEDs.

    Hortizontal Scoreboards

    Top 3, Top 5, and Top 10 positions

    with car number, lap number & lap time, and media panels for advertising sponsors.

    Horizontal Scoreboards break down into small sections for shipping and interconnect the position displays horizontally for easy assembly.


    Lap/time display, media panels, and car positions are separate standalone displays integrating into a single horizontal scoreboard for your track.

    Vertical Scoreboards

    Top 3, Top 5, and Top 10 positions

    with car number and optional lap number and time. Top 10 scoreboard models available in single vertical column or dual vertical columns for framing a video panel..

     Lap number & lap time display is a separate unit and can be stacked on top of the positions or installed as a separate display.

    Vertical Scoreboards consist of 3-position or 5-position standalone displays and integrate into a single vertical scoreboard or can be separated to meet the tracks needs.


    These scoreboards ship in sections and interconnect the position displays vertically for easy assembly.

    For more RaceAmerica information check out the link CLICK HERE

    As Australia & New Zealand RaceAmerica partner we are confident that we can find a solution to meet your needs, please contact us for more information or for a chat about what we can do for you. Dunlop Kartsport (03) 9357 7790. Or to view the lineup of RaceAmerica products visit their website